January 23 2018

Add your voice to the Policy & Governance Process

The building is underway. Your voice matters.

We are at the research phase in our development. Building the new United Conservative Party requires input from our membership to make sure the blueprints we design and use to define who we are, what we value and most importantly, the vision members want for a strong, sustainable Alberta will be led by our membership.

Provide your comments by January 31, 5:00 pm

The first phase of consultation is underway with an ask for all members to provide input on framework documents proposed by the Policy Committee within two surveys. These proposed documents are a starting point to facilitate member discussion and are not intended to be complete or comprehensive as we expect amendments and new proposals as part of the consultation process.

Call for Proposals open until February 16 at 5:00 pm.

Any group of 10 or more members or a Constituency Association may make submissions on either policy or governance items not in the survey, or make amendments to any item in the proposed framework documents.

How to participate and have your input in the grassroots development process.

Two overview documents of the process and how to provide your input are available:


The Policy Committee is available to answer your questions and can be reached at policy@unitedconservative.ca.

To speak to someone at UCP’s Main Office: Call us at 1-888-465-2660 or send an email to info@unitedconservative.ca.